That’s the finding of a new study out this week, which found that TV advertising effectiveness has remained steady during the time period 2009-2014, and that it is still the most effective advertising medium, outperforming digital and offline channels at driving key performance metrics like sales and new accounts.

I’m fairly sceptical about the scaremongering of recent years around TV advertising – about how its death knell is sounding increasingly louder and in a few short years we’ll need to produce social and online content only in order to reach audiences and drive conversions.  As a society we may be in the throes of a love-affair with our online selves, but we still see and ingest in many other ways.

It depends a lot upon your audience, but traditional TV viewing is still most people’s main form of weekly entertainment.

However, there’s no denying that how we watch TV has and is changing.  As digital devices and TV viewing have integrated seamlessly, good content is still where it’s at.  How this is viewed is critical to our understanding of our customer, but academic unless marketers and advertisers ensure content is compelling, entertaining, and informative enough to actually stay on the screen long enough to be viewed.

Our recent ad for our client Thomas Sanderson, who were promoting their conservatory valeting service, is a case in point.  We used humour to create an ad that has demonstrated clear TV advertising effectiveness, delivering a 7-fold increase in requests for quotations and a 100% uplift in conversions in the 6 weeks following its launch.  Pleasingly far above the statistical norm of 5% increase in conversions, acknowledged as the uplift that advertisers can realistically expect to see (according to B.A.R.B.).

As long as we have TV as a content medium, people will view it – provided the content is worth watching, of course.  The opportunities to advertise to this viewing audience are still strong; if we understand the audience, we can still communicate with them, as long as we ensure we have something relevant and interesting to say.

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Caroline Finch-Denham

Account Director