Thomson’s store of the future concept has transcended into a retail experience that captures the essence of retail innovation.

In October 2014 Thomson showcased its store of the future in Bluewater, which delivers a retail experience for the shopper of today that is unlike any other. Thomson has firmly placed its finger on the pulse of the retail innovation needs and desires of the modern day shopper.

The store of the future is a vast retail space spanning 2,187 square feet. Upon first glance it becomes obvious that this retail experience is one of a kind, as it celebrates the latest innovations in technology and has brought to life the holiday booking experience.

So, the million-dollar question, how has Thomson delivered a retail innovation experience like no other? Thomson understands its customers and has positioned innovative touch points throughout the retail space that capture a bespoke shopping experience. 

In store touch points:

  • Upon arrival to the stores fascia, shoppers are greeted with a large-scale video wall which features a series of memorable holiday snapshots
  • The store presents the shopper with a vast, spacious and open plan retail environment that results in a relaxed shopping aroma
  • When entering the store there are innovative flat sheets of glass screening HD destination maps on the surrounding walls, encouraging shoppers to research holidays, read reviews and view weather conditions of their chosen destination
  • Once you have stepped inside the store it is designed into zoned areas that mirror stages of the holiday booking experience, some of which include the Advice Bar, Pool Area, and barista-style coffee area
  • The store also features high-end booths that are to be utilised by shoppers to browse their chosen holiday destinations, whilst browsing images projected onto the surrounding walls to create a 3D retail experience and heighten feelings of excitement
  • Whilst in the store Thomson offers Free Wi-Fi to view holidays utilising personal devices as well as self-service devices

Upon first steps into the Thomson retail environment the shopper is transcended into the future of retail innovation. The surrounding technology entices the shopper to interact with the Thomson brand and immerse themselves into their holiday ideals.  Thomson has created a relaxed environment that focuses upon the customer journey rather than a traditional sales environment. Much like holidays, shoppers are able to browse at their leisure, get lost in the moment and be surrounded by retail innovation at it’s finest.

Thomson plans to roll out the new store layout across one hundred of its UK stores in the next few years.

Lauren Lomas

Account Executive