Earex, an SSL Intemational company, has developed a more contemporary and consumer friendly image in an attempt to strengthen its positioning as a leading ear care brand.

The repackaged products will hit the shelves later this month.

“As the brand has evolved there has needed to be a clear differentiation between products, making them easy for shoppers to buy by creating shelf stand-out and clearly communicating the benefits,” explained Sue Benson, managing director at The Behaviours Agency.

“We’ve instilled a sense of modernity and freshness to the packaging by replacing a very colour-centric design with white, allowing colour to be used effectively as a product differentiator. We have also re-ordered the product information to ensure it is clear and consumer friendly, easing the buyer’s decision making process.”

The new design has a sound wave graphic and a soft font, and the circle within the second “e” symbolises “the ear canal and the target of relief.”

“This innovative and dramatic change marks a significant point in the brand’s history. It will build on our proposition, strengthening our position in the market as synonymous with blocked ear treatments, which are effective, simple and painless,” added Earex brand manager Rachel Worthington.