The second of the design agency’s Homes Trends Report series offers inspiration for marketers looking to engage more profitably with their customer groups.

Key trends for autumn include:
Shapes and colour: A new era of bold, solid colours and straight, cubic shapes create a clean and striking look, enticing consumers to use their homes as a blank canvas, expressing artistic themes and taste.
Transport yourself to another world: Fewer exotic holidays has led to homes being transformed into ‘other world’ sanctuaries, infusing cultural themes and styles into home design. African and Asian styles heavily influence materials and furniture lay-out choices
Stress-free space: With the lure of creating stress-free environments, consumers look for bright, glossy materials and surfaces, combined with lighting and glass to create an illusion of space and calm.

Reinvention: Individuality is expressed through home design, re-inventing styles by adding colour or replacing key features, enabling a cost-effective revamp

Sue Benson, managing director at The Behaviours Agency says: “This is the second report of the year and it shows that consumers are starting to move away from the doom and gloom of recession. We’ve seen hints of luxury start to creep back in, with less emphasis on value and tradition. This could be a sign of the times, but we hope the report provides some inspiration and insight for marketers to take value from.”

The Home Trends Report is a media ethnology study that looks at consumer, lifestyle, design and home trends to identify key areas that are hot topics for today’s shoppers.

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