The Behaviours Agency has created point of sale for HomeForm Group’s biggest ever January sale campaign, which launches on Boxing Day.

HomeForm has 150 stores and the Manchester agency’s campaign covers everything from window displays to product stickers and in-store DVDs.

Sue Benson, managing director at The Behaviours Agency, said: “In any other year this is the most important sale period for a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retailer, but in this economic climate the stakes have been raised.

”The way we articulate their sale will be crucial to their overall business success so we applied a combination of clear rational sale communication with a more persuasive approach to engage customers at this exciting time.”

Mark Collier, HomeForm group marketing director, added: “The Behaviours Agency have applied their usual approach to sale communication by combining a hard commercial message with a softer more inviting tone to reach out to women buying a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. I believe it’s this approach which will give us brand cut through in this fiercely competitive market.”

In other news, The Behaviours Agency devised the customer experience for the HomeForm Group’s new concept store, No.1 Baker Street London.

Benson said: “Having established the overall store communication premise earlier in the year we applied our Customer Surprise technique, which ensures at set/range level that customers take away a new piece of information about the product/brand or range.”

The concept store features HomeForm brands Moben, Sharps and Dolphin.

Dorina D’ambrosio, creative director at The Behaviours Agency, said: “On Sharps bedrooms we had life-sized wardrobe liners to talk about space usage, on Moben we had draw liners to communicate the StoreMore range and on Dolphin As Seen In stickers to reinforce Dolphin’s premium positioning.”