The Behaviours Agency Create has developed Sharps’ first multimedia campaign to support the launch of ‘YouCreate’, a unique new way of personalising fitted bedroom furniture.

‘YouCreate’ enables the personalisation of Sharps’ wardrobes whereby customer’s photographs or wallpaper can be applied to sliding doors or you can select from a library of images.

The Behaviours Agency developed the name and branding for the new offering as well as the supporting launch campaign, which runs nationally from 17 September 2012.

The multimedia campaign encompasses in-store materials, leaflet and national and consumer press advertising, which is supported digitally by QR Codes linked to a video on the Sharps’ website. An online tool has also been created to enable customers to upload their photographs, helping them to visualise the end result before purchasing. These can then be shared, including uploading to Facebook.

Sue Benson, managing director at The Behaviours Agency said: “This is a completely new offering in the sector, so for the launch campaign we deliberately selected personal images, such as wedding and baby photography, to make obvious what is infinitely variable. In reality, we anticipate customers some will go for more sophisticated finishes such as using texture and colour to enhance their bedroom design.

“This is the first time a Sharps’ campaign has seamlessly integrated the in-store and online customer experience. Digital is becoming much more prominent in how Sharps engages its audience, reflecting the increasing use of mobile devices and the multitude of ways that people shop.”

Tim Moore, marketing director at Sharps Bedrooms commented: “We wanted to create genuine excitement about the brand and embrace the digital community with something that is interesting and new. YouCreate allows people to express their personality – no longer limited to our range of finishes, they can choose their own and so the options are limitless.

“This campaign marks the start of a major drive in enhancing customer experiences both in-store and online. With the rise of smartphones and increased broadband speeds our marketing activity has become much more digitally focused. Video in particular has become a valuable part of the internet. We are using it throughout our website to educate and inform customers, helping us to show off our offering in a more dramatic and interactive way. “

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