Today we have launched Retail Inspired Innovation – a new suite of products that will take marketers away from their desks to experience the latest shopping trends and drive strategies for business growth.

‘Retail Inspired Innovation’ is aimed at retailers and brands looking for ideas for innovation – from new product development to reshaping retail environments – so they can make a game-changing shift in the market.

Both ‘off-the-shelf’ and personalised tours and workshops are available, enabling a quick appreciation of the latest trends and insights to inspire effective new strategies and ideas for innovation.

Six curated Inspiration Tours have been developed as pre-prepared packages, taking marketers out and about to experience the latest trends in the world of shopping – through the eyes of the shopper. They encompass the Northwest Tour, Flagship Tour, Boutique Tour, Experience Tour, Digital Tour and Personalisation Tour.

There are two workshop opportunities available. The Insight Workshop explores the strategies behind the trends experienced on an inspiration tour as well as wider global shopping techniques. The Innovation Workshop applies relevant and global retail trends to a client’s brand, formulating new ideas for business growth.

We have also launched a website to support the new offering at

Retail Inspired Innovation is aimed at anyone that needs to keep ahead with innovation. They may be a member of the marketing team wanting a quick injection of inspiration or a marketing director looking to inspire their whole team with real-life examples of innovation. They may have insight and innovation responsibilities and are looking to inject some fresh excitement into their processes.

We are retail and brand experts so we have the skills and knowledge to help marketers understand the latest trends and how they can leverage those strategies to drive growth and competitive edge.

Our tours are loved by the board and brand managers alike, and we saw an opportunity to formulise the offering into a suite of standalone products that can be bought almost ‘off the shelf’. The launch of Retail Inspired Innovation means that everyone can take advantage of the service, whether you are already working with us or not.

Retail Inspired Innovation can inform innovation across the business from new product development and services to creating new customer experiences, flagship stores and shopper marketing campaigns.

We guarantee this is the best way to gather insights and keep up with ever-changing shoppers – to step out of your comfort zone and discover the latest cutting edge developments, providing an innovation and ideas platform for development.

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