Manchester family baker, GH Sheldon is launching its first square Potato Cake and rebranding its premium heritage range with the help of The Behaviours Agency.

Following a successful rebrand last year by The Behaviours Agency, GH Sheldon has secured new listings in major supermarkets. The shopper marketing specialist has now refreshed the look and feel of the family baker’s premium heritage collection, including the famous Lancashire Oven Bottom Muffin.

The Behaviours Agency is also supporting the launch of the square Potato Cake with new packaging and promotional materials. Dorina Dambrosio, creative director at The Behaviours Agency explains: “The new packaging we created last year really brought the Sheldon family to the centre of the brand, which has been hugely successful in both engaging customers and attracting the attention of retailers. We hope to do the same again by refreshing the premium product line, which will be clearly identified by the injection of orange to the design.”

Sarah Sheldon at GH Sheldon adds: “We’ve been delighted with the impact the new look has had on our business. The Behaviours Agency has really understood what we have been trying to achieve and the results have been exceptional.”
The Behaviours Agency started working with GH Sheldon in 2008.