The Behaviours Agency has been working with Bello Vision to launch its no-nonsense prescription glasses as part of a new concession store exclusively in Debenhams.
Bello Vision is simplifying how eyewear is currently purchased, enabling high-fashion frames to be purchased straight off the shelf at a fraction of the price found in high street opticians. The Behaviours Agency has supported the launch of Bello Vision with in-store marketing, a direct mail campaign and supporting materials.
Sue Benson, managing director at The Behaviours Agency said: “Our challenge has been to take quite a complex proposition, which is normally associated with optometrists and prescriptions, in a whole new category, and distil that information, making it quickly clear to shoppers what the offering is and how they can make a purchase.”
James Hunter, director at Bello Vision added: “Our pricing structure is similar to what you’d find on the internet, but you get the benefits of an in-store experience, so you get to try the frames on. We also enable prescription details to be added in your own time, when you complete your order online. This is a far cry from the lengthy and costly process often associated with buying glasses. Our aim is not to replace Opticians, but to simply extend one of the most significant fashion accessories into a more typical retail environment. 

“It’s a new approach to the sector and the team at The Behaviours Agency has helped us to simplify our messaging, creating a suite of materials that effectively communicate our concept, while positioning us as a contemporary, young brand.”
Bello Vision is being initially launched in Debenhams stores in the South East.