Flagship stores encapsulate the future of retail how do they do it?

The future of retail has revolutionised almost overnight due to brands scaling up their physical presence with remarkable flagship stores.

As the brightest diamond in a retailer’s crown, the flagship store plays a key role in showcasing the brand to the world and adds a new dimension of physicality to a brand. From floor to ceiling the store’s aesthetics and location creates an unforgettable ‘retail Narnia,’ for shoppers to experience upon first step. A flagship store communicates everything it does and clearly defines who they are and what they are about.

Flagship stores have strategically positioned themselves on the high streets of some of the world’s most prestigious retail destinations. These bold environments act as the brand alternative to the ‘Hollywood walk of fame,’ anyone who is anyone is seen here. This tangible presence in the world’s most prominent shopping areas shows confidence, commitment and showmanship to ongoing shoppers.

Some of the world’s most powerful retail brands have created an inspirational experience that celebrates a visual embodiment of the brand itself. Apple’s impressive flagship store in New York is a great example of one of the most successful flagship stores in the world, which sets the stakes high for the future of retail.

In terms of location the store is situated in a central New York and is the pinnacle of innovation. Apple have embraced the digital revolution and utilised this in the stores interior and exterior. Through one-to-one interactions and hands-on experiences with Apple representatives, the store fosters a sense of community amongst shoppers. It also has its own theatre zone which hosts workshops and presentations that highlight innovation and provide inspiration. From first glance the store creates a memorable brand experience that celebrates innovation and embodies Apple’s brand identity, with community at its helm, the store represents a glimpse into the future of retail.

Defining a successful flagship store can be unique from brand to brand, however there are key traits that some of the world’s most leading brands have utilised:  

  • The Flagship store is typically the largest store in a retailer’s chain of stores

  • In terms of location the store is situated in a bold environment

  • Creates a ‘retail Narnia’ through attention to detail & inspirational store design

  • Visually stimulating to the shoppers eye

  • Showcases brand vision and embodies the identity of the brand

  • Tell the story of the brand from the moment they walk through the front door

  • Being innovative & embracing the digital revolution

Although the digital revolution has taken place online, flagship stores provide great assistance in complementing the digital expansion. The future of retail lives in combining online and in-store retail experiences of these flagships for the shopper to utilise, together they can provide a new reason to shop live.

Here at The Behaviours Agency, we believe that retailers should speak the language of shoppers and provide a retail experience that is memorable. To find out how retailers are encompassing new trends and embracing the future of retail, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lauren Lomas

Account Executive