With constant development of payment technology what impact is this having on the shopper journey and ways that brands communicate in-store?

Increasingly we’re seeing the point of purchase up and down the high street changing from fixed location payment points to mobile or roaming solutions. Without doubt, this will impact the traditional shopper journey and should be influencing the thinking of shopper marketers.

Are the possibilities endless?

There’s a plethora of tech solutions already being trialled across retailers and with more advanced and sophisticated methods being developed 2015 is likely to see what were once futuristic concepts becoming reality.

Wireless chip and pin now seems dated when compared to tablets and mobiles as payment methods.

How long will it be until we see a payment being made using the humble wristwatch?

Or a glove, once considered for nothing more than a winter’s morning, putting your wallet quite literally at your fingertips?

And whilst this creates a tailored shopping experience, a way of going about your everyday, in your own personal way, let’s consider what this means for the modern marketer trying to influence each and every unique shopper journey in an efficient and effective way.

  • A roaming or mobile point of purchase means there’s no fixed end to the shopper journey, it’s decided by the shopper rather than the retailer. Traditionally a checkout, payment or service desk has been one of a handful of places providing dwell time for marketers to communicate some of the more complex or softer messaging in store. In making the payment process quicker and more flexible, technology has removed this prime communication time.
  • We so often hear that additional services and after sales have a greater margin than some of the products they are being sold alongside whilst impulse products usually merchandised in or around payment areas are also great ways to grow the average basket value, and much like the point above, a changeable point of payment adds an extra layer of complexity. Will store colleagues and sales staff simply have to work harder to make these ‘add-on’ sales or does this flexibility in fact make this easier?
  • Fresh thinking! As marketers, we have to think differently about the ways we can communicate with people. Technological advances in POS solutions can help provide equally innovative ways for us to communicate with shoppers. The Co-op’s vision for a store of the future is a great example of blue skies thinking in this area.
  • With more competition for space in store, every touch point has to work harder. Will this help our strongest messages shine, reduce the amount of ‘noise’ and bring a clarity to in-store executions? Marketing’s own survival of the fittest, if you like.

What’s next for retailers?

The shopper experience has to reflect the modern shopper journey, changing and evolving with the ways that customers buy.

Making essential tasks simpler, more streamlined, is what makes retailers stand out and appeal to shoppers. As technology continues to develop, customers’ expectations will grow rethinking the ways that we can meet or exceed these will be needed.

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Shaun Watson

Account Manager