The Behaviours Agency team hotfoots to London for a Retail Safari to discover our Capital’s delights when it comes to the shopping landscape.
A day packed full of experiences and learning as well as new encounters and ideas, we’ll be visiting three different areas – Knightsbridge, Westfield London and Oxford Street. All in pursuit of what they have to offer from flagship stores to niche independents, and of course everything shopper marketing.
Far more than an insight technique, Retail Safaris are vital for any brand wanting a 360-degree view on their role in the retail landscape. As such, they are an integral part of our seamless shopper thinking, helping to spot the influences that will really make a shopper act.
We have undertaken a whole host of Retail Safaris on behalf of our clients; surveying a broad range of sectors from property and fmcg to motor and construction.
As a result, a brand is equipped with learnings from both inside and outside its own category, which can then be applied to leverage its position in the market.
Our unique strategic SHOP tool helps manage the complexity of the process by providing the backbone to explore the retail landscape. It encompasses six dimensions that influence a shopper on their journey to act:
• Personality
• Education
• Product Engagement
• Social Engagement
• Navigation
• Price & Promotion

We’ll be keeping each of these areas in mind as we embark on our retail adventure, making our way through the streets of London.

And next week we’ll be re-donning our safari hats to blog about everything that we’ve discovered from our exploration of the retail landscape.

If you want to find out more about our retail safaris, call us on 0161 8727813.