We are a bunch of shopaholics who have been lucky enough to combine our love of shopping with our love of brands. It’s the perfect excuse to leave the office; how many other jobs can you say, “I’m just nipping to the shops for a couple of hours” and get away with it?

We have been talking about engaging with shoppers long before the term ‘shopper marketing’ was coined and became one of the hottest marketing subjects on most FMCG board room tables. For us it’s about persuasion and enlightenment, as a shopper journeys through the various stages of the purchase decision, harnessing the touch points to deliver key sales messages. After all for every product and service bought, shoppers go on a journey. It may take months, it may take minutes, they may double back on themselves or even skip some elements, but, what’s crucial to us is understanding the insights, opportunities and triggers that this journey presents.

So, that’s why we have decided to let loose our very own mystery shoppers on a whole host of retailers and do a weekly Blog, telling the warts and all story of their journey. We want to better understand a shopper’s experience of the shopping journey and share it universally. Because we know the answers that mystery shopping can provide seems to help brands drill down into addressing particular issues in their business.
And, that’s where we come in because our experience shows there are six dimensions to successful store environments that help make the shopping journey a great experience: Using our SHOP™ strategic process our SHOPPER teams rigorously explore each of the dimensions in our mystery shopper visits:

Personality – What experience do you give your shoppers?
Education – How do you educate shoppers about your products?
Engagement – How do you get your shoppers engaged with your products?
Social Engagement – How do you interact with shoppers?
Information – How easily do you help shoppers shop and navigate the store?
Promotion – How do you add urgency to the purchase?

Every week throughout the year we will be releasing our mystery shoppers’ view on shopping in one of our favourite retailers, but, if you are a retail brand , or, you have a favourite retail brand you would like to nominate for our next round of mystery visits, please let us know.