Retail analysts Conlumino has announced that UK retailers could benefit from a £1.8bn boost as a result of the super fast 4G network. According to the research, this means that mobile shopping could rise by 113%. And 55% of respondents said that they already use their smartphone to make purchases.

Virtual shopping is just one element of retail that is shifting at an unprecedented pace. The whole world is changing fast and to take advantage of new opportunities marketers must keep up to date and be versatile enough to adapt quickly to evolving consumer habits.

Demands for specialist creative and digital skills are increasing and there are a plethora of agencies available to accommodate. But consumers no longer connect with a brand through a single media, they expect to engage in several ways – sometimes at the same time, and 24/7. It’s a mistake to take a solitary approach. Cross-channel marketing ensures all media channels work together to not only drive better results but to also give the consumer a better experience.

In-house, brands too have specialist teams now, but inherently specialists struggle to take a single view of the consumer. Indeed, it’s a rare talent to fully understand all of the channels available to you, what’s most relevant for your audience and how to best create synergy, and this is where an integrated agency can add real value.

We are incredibly customer centric and we advise all of the businesses that we work with to take this approach too, helping them to look at all of their consumer desires and influences, and recommending media channels, conversations and interactions that deliver the brand in the round.

In a fast-changing world it’s a benefit to have an integrated agency on board, providing instant access to a multitude of expertise – a ready-made talent pool equipped with knowledge of your company and who can apply all of the latest technologies and techniques to engage your audience through the most appropriate channels and in the best possible way.

This isn’t the time to stand still, it’s a time to embrace the new world and all of the opportunities that it brings. And if you need a hand, get in touch today.