Festival season is once again here, and so is the infamous Glastonbury.  More and more brands are leveraging sponsorship marketing to their advantage, especially to target millennials.

With such a large, captive target audience base at their fingertips, in one location for sometimes up to three days this has been a great spot for brands and retailers to engage with their audiences over the years.

Festival staples such as Southern Comfort’s Juke Joints and Jagermeister’s Jager Ice Truck, are great examples of brands that have used sponsorship marketing successfully, becoming as much part of the entertainment as the performers themselves.  Simply handing out a few free samples or as a promotional opportunity won’t appeal to fans, they want something special, something engaging.

Festivals have also been great for a newly launched brand to build up its credentials. Magners created the Crusher Bar at the Latitude Festival, which featured tribute bands and competitions. This enabled it to communicate with a new set of its prized target audience.

This really is a prime opportunity for brands to interact with the millennial audience, and one of the very few times millennials will actually actively seek offers and brands.  Brands therefore need to devise a strategy that will create long term engagement even after all the fun has gone.

It’s not just brands either, retailers such as Hunter and Mulberry have also proved sponsorship marketing at festivals can be really great in paying dividends for the rest of the year.  Their past campaigns have been so successful in generating social media and press coverage for weeks post event, that this has lead them to repeat the activity again this year.

With hundreds of festivals being held in the UK each year, attracting a majority millennial audience of over a million, they are proving an irresistible attraction for brand sponsorship marketing. Brands just need to ensure they enter with the right marketing mechanism, for the maximum return.

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Nikita Lewis

Business Development Manager