We paid a visit to some much loved clients at the Baby Show in Manchester over the weekend and were amazed to find that on the day we visited it was eerily quiet.

It was a Friday, but that’s usually when these shows are so crowded you can hardly move for new and expectant mums investigating all the great new products they want to spend their hard earned cash on. Is it a sign of the times that there just weren’t that many people there or is experiential just not enough of a draw? There was less innovation than we’ve seen in previous years with the notable exception of the fantastic Chillipeeps http://www.chillipeeps.com

Thankfully, our clients seemed busy (always good) but with the emergence of a very strong second hand market this could be the point in time that nursery retailers need to start thinking very differently. The second hand market is a great way for cash strapped new parents to prepare for the arrival of baby.

With luxury items such as Bugaboos are on sale online at £500 when they retail at around £850, not a bad return on your investment. But the online second hand market for the nursery sector isn’t solely reliant on e-bay and with new entrants and the current economic climate, it’s going to have a significant impact on retailers.

Social is such an important part of retail conversations that your social profile is crucial to get mums on your side. From all the work we’ve done with mums we know that social conversations and personal recommendation is one thing that mums REALLY trust.