Shopper Marketing is no longer a term just associated with the in-store environment.

It should embrace every touch point that a brand has with its consumer. Recent reports show that despite increases in shopper marketing efforts, 80% of shopper marketers still place the main focus on the in-store environment (hubmagazine). 20 years ago this would have been perfectly acceptable, where a brand only really had specific channels to communicate to its consumers, traditionally TV, press, radio, and finally in store. As such, the shopper journey and the path to purchase a consumer went on would have been relatively easy to map out. However, fast forward to 2014 and the shopper journey is incredibly more convoluted.

The Evolving shopper Journey

There are now endless ways that a shopper can engage with a brand. From social media, digital and experiential to name a few, the possibilities and platforms that a brand has at its disposal are almost endless. Yet, it seems some brands are still late adopters in joining up the dots to connect with their shopper at every touch point.

Seamless Shopper Thinking

At The Behaviours Agency we focus on About Us. We firmly believe that to guarantee success a brand needs to thoroughly consider every touch point to ensure success. This ranges from the usual above the line advertising, through to instore, packaging, promotion and finally advocacy (with a few more stages in between!). We champion thinking about shoppers and their influencers holistically and across their entire journey. For instance, let’s talk packaging – you’ve created a fantastic advertising brand campaign that has driven a shopper into store, what they are now met with is vital. Often brands have limited or no scope for shopper marketing in store, as such the front face of packaging really needs to work hard to influence the shopper to act and ultimately buy. That’s why it’s vital that the pack delivers all of the key messages, educates and looks beautiful, it needs to influence a shopper to pick it up and act, and ultimately buy.

Shopper Marketing& Digital

It would be hard to discuss the shopper journey without mentioning the D word – digital. The number of people using smartphones globally in 2014 is up more than 25% compared to 2013, growing to a staggering 1.76 billion, or just a quarter of the world’s entire population, according to eMarketer. When we consider this in addition to the incredible pace that e commerce is growing at it would be a foolish brand who fails to create relevant and compelling shopping experience for shoppers in the digital world.  Increasingly shoppers are becoming savvier when it comes to price comparisons, shopping around, researching, diving in and out of the shopper journey before actually purchasing (no one said this shopper journey was a simple one). As a result this non-linear journey becomes trickier to map out.

So, with a plethora of touch points and channels that a shopper now experiences it is vital that retailers and brands are 100% aligned with their marketing plans to ensure they can actively engage and convert to sales. Don’t be limited to the in store environment when it comes to marketing, consider the very early stages of the journey, when the thought of purchase is merely a tiny seedling in a shopper’s mind. Carry this tenacity right through, finishing off with considered after sales and carefully planned CRM. A clever brand will gain customers, retain them and through seamless shopper thinking ensure that they generate even more sales through savvy offers and effective marketing.


Helen Priestley

Account Manager

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