Normally I buy a ‘Meal Deal’ from Boots for my lunch, but having had a very busy morning and in my car running late for my next appointment, I was in need of some quick food and drink to see me through the afternoon.

Driving through Sale Moor at a slow pace because of the traffic, I saw an easily distinguishable ‘Greggs ‘sign and in front of it an empty parking space so I quickly parked up. As I pulled over I saw a roadside sign advertising their Breakfast Deal for £2, until 11am – a bit late for that I thought, but presumed they would still have plenty of sandwich choices for lunchtime.

The windows were clean, with few cakes and biscuits in them – more noticeable were 3 signs, one advertising a sandwich deal of a sandwich and drink for £2.75. I often pay a bit more for my lunch deals but a third item is usually included, so the price seemed reasonable. As soon as I walked through the door I saw a fridge area to my left where the Sandwich deal was highlighted. Although it was late lunchtime there was sufficient choice however I didn’t notice any salad options which would have suited me best. However, I was pleased to see that the calorie count was visible on the wrappers of some, although not all, of the sandwiches.  I chose an egg mayo sandwich but realising that it hadn’t a ‘Deal’ sticker on it I asked the assistant who was watching me whether or not it was included in the deal. She told me that it wasn’t, because, it was cheaper than the deal price. I wasn’t totally clear on what she meant but I bought it anyway along with a drink.

The assistant asked if there was anything else that I wanted. I looked around and thought that the shop and the display of pasties, cakes and bread looked rather bland and not very healthy. I felt under pressure to make a quick decision and asked if they had any egg custards – a favourite of my husband’s – and bought just the one.

I did notice numerous signs around the counter; including a book for £5, charity collections, local information and a dispenser with fliers advertising handmade sandwich platters, which I picked up to take back to the office.

I got back to the office,  handed the Hand Made Sandwich Platter flyer to our office manager for when we have lunchtime meetings, but, noticed that the ‘shop contact details, box was empty, so who was she to contact?

Shopper viewpoint:  With so many different types of outlets offering lunchtime food for those on the go and those wanting something maybe a bit different is no easy ask for Greggs or any of its competitors. Tempting lunchtime shoppers to choose you over the myriad of available others, is a mix of convenience, choice, price and taste. Greggs who have been awarded ‘Bakery Sandwich Retailer of the Year’ at the British Sandwich Industry Awards know this better than most I suspect. But, I still feel they are missing some tricks. Especially when it comes to capitalising upon and taking the lead in the growing consumer appetite for more healthy lunchtime options. We have a view on this which we would love to share with Greggs.

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