The Behaviours Agency has devised an emotive storytelling TV ad for Sharps Bedrooms to kick-off its autumn campaign.

It is the first time Sharps Bedrooms has used both emotion & storytelling in its TV advertising, marking a break away from the category-norm, which traditionally focuses on a montage of different bedroom styles.

Picking up on another cultural theme, The 30-second ad tells the story of the 3 generations of family as they get dressed in their respective bedrooms for a lunch out. It features mum in the master bedroom while her teenage and four-year-old daughters get ready in their rooms, and grandma who is the guest visitor gets ready in a beautiful attic conversion.

The ad launches on 19 September 2012 on xx channelsxx and signifies the start of Sharps Bedrooms autumn, which will also include new in-store materials, press ads and brochures.

Sue Benson, managing director at The Behaviours Agency said: “We wanted to move Sharps away from the category norm in TV advertising by taking a more emotive story-led approach. Viewers should find that they can better relate and connect with Sharps, but we don’t lose the chance to showcase the breadth and flexibility of the offering.

“The ad uses humorous interplay between the characters to demonstrate real insight into the way people use bedrooms and dramatise the Sharps’ proposition, which is all about style, storage, space and service.”

Tim Moore, Marketing Director at Sharps Bedrooms added: “Our new ad is aimed at raising brand awareness while driving activation for our design service. We chose to go down the storytelling route as while it’s a popular approach in retail, it’s quite unique in our category and so we anticipate it will help us to stand out and drive growth. The ad also features a wider age group, so that a broader audience can relate to our products and services.

“We’ve invested more in TV this year, with a 30-second ad replacing our usual 20 second timeframe. This gives us the opportunity to communicate more of our product and proposition in a more emotive way.”