The new 30 day refund law change sees one of the biggest shake-ups to consumer rights in the world of retail.

A new 30 day refund consumer law has come into place that will effect retailers forever – shoppers are now guaranteed to get a full refund within 30 days of buying a faulty item. Consumers can be in full knowledge of their rights and shop with full confidence as they will be able to use their rights, regardless of what goods or services they buy.

This can include digital purchases such as downloads, eBooks, online films, apps or music or purchasing physical households item such as a freezers, sofas or vacuum cleaners. All of which will now be legally protected by this law. Shoppers will have the right to a replacement or a repair. Consumers will also have the power to challenge retailers regarding hidden charges and fees if they feel terms are unfair.

The Consumer Rights Act says that goods must

  • be of satisfactory quality, based on what a reasonable person would expect, taking into account the price
  • be fit for purpose. If the consumer has a particular purpose in mind, he or she should make that clear
  • meet the expectations of the consumer

When disputes occur, consumers will now be able to take their complaints to certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers. Consumers now have a cheaper route to utilise other than going through the courts.

The new Act will also cover second-hand goods when bought through a retailer, as well as granting stronger rights to people buying services – like a garage repair or a haircut. Under the new Act, providers who do not carry out the work with reasonable care, as agreed with the consumer, will be obliged to put things right or they may have to give some money back within the 30 day period.

Currently UK shoppers spend around £90 billion a month, but overall figures from the Department for Business, Innovation and skills (BIS) show that there were 18 million problems in the past 12 months – counting for around £4.15 billion.

The new 30 day refund law will not only benefit consumers – retailers will benefit too. They can now spend less time dealing with unclear and unreasonable regulations.

The dynamics are changing in the future of retail for both the consumer and the retailer themselves. Power to the consumer through the use of technological advances, choice and even the law stands behind the consumer. With all this change we are stepping closer to a new world of retail and stepping away from what we once knew – the 30 day refund law is just the beginning.

Here at The Behaviours Agency, we believe that retailers should speak the language of shoppers and should embrace the ever evolving consumer.  To find out how retailers are encompassing new trends and embracing the future of retail, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lauren Lomas

Account Executive