The wow-factor from Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in wardrobe moment in the Sex and the City movie has been the inspiration for a new integrated marketing campaign for Sharps’ Bedrooms, developed by The Behaviours Agency.

Creating ‘a women’s ultimate dream bedroom’ is at the heart of The Behaviours Agency’s relaunch campaign for Sharps Bedrooms’ walk-in wardrobes. It features real-life Sharps’ employee Rachal Dilekci, who introduces the concept and guides shoppers through the planning process.

The campaign rolls out in-store, online and across national press from August 2012. Digital marketing enhances the in-store experience and for the first time, Sharps are using video to engage customers.

QR Codes in-store and in press advertising lead to two videos that explain the key features and benefits, guiding shoppers through their purchasing journey. A time-lapse video has also been produced for the Sharps’ website to demonstrate the installation process.

Sue Benson, managing director at The Behaviours Agency said: “We’ve harnessed the wow factor you saw in Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in wardrobe moment in the first Sex and the City movie throughout the campaign’s execution, from the photography to the sets we built for the video.

“Shoppers today are no longer limited to either looking in-store or looking online, they’re doing both, and at the same time. By using videos that are informative and engaging we hope to genuinely enhance the in-store experience.”

Tim Moore, Marketing Director at Sharps Bedrooms added: “Walk-in wardrobes provide the ultimate in bedroom storage, and we wanted to demonstrate our expertise in the area. They are a woman’s dream come true, with endless storage opportunities from glamour cabinets to shoe cascades and pull-out hanging rails. The Behaviours Agency has helped us bring the concept alive, further engaging shoppers with the introduction of video.”