The shopper landscape and perception of discount retail brands is changing amongst the British public, in particular the middle to upper classes.

With more than half of ABC1 shoppers going through the tills at Lidl and Aldi, and discount retailers opening branches in more affluent areas, there has been a very definite shift in consumer attitudes.

But as the economy looks up – what is it aside from big brands at low prices that is communicating with shoppers?

  1. Brand Experience

Now a respected retail brand, Lidl has launched its new nationwide Easter TV campaign, “The Little Pub.” For those of you that have not yet feasted your eyes on the ad, it is a 60-second extension of the successful #LidlSurprises crusade that puts the customer at the heart of it.

The ad, shot in a gastro pub, shows real people enjoying a retail brand experience disguised as an Easter feast. The guests order seasonal favourites such as roast lamb and chocolate bunnies from a menu void of prices before being asked to pay what they deem to be the value of the food and drink.

The actual cost and source (Lidl) of the food is then revealed, much to their surprise.

By showing real (potential) customers participating in a blind-tasting, the ad not only raises brand awareness but demonstrates the confidence the brand has in its quality products. It is a memorable and genuine campaign that will no doubt change perceptions and make shoppers curious to try the brand experience for themselves.

It has already achieved significant social endorsement, with many new brand advocates taking to Twitter:

 “My boyfriend’s incredibly posh mum refers to Lidl as her “wine merchant” with genuine pride. #LidlSurprises” 

  1. Celebrity endorsements

Not only is Lidl now a retail brand endorsed by the public, but it is also endorsed by Michelin star chef Kevin Love. Love has spoken about his passion for overseeing product development and creative recipes, and will even be responsible for sourcing ingredients in Lidl’s own brand goods in a bid to win over even more middle class shoppers. The promise of quality, tasty products at fantastic value for money will no doubt take both the retail brand and its customers on a journey of culinary discovery and an altered public perception.

Lidl is only one of a number of discount retail brands to be collaborating with trusted household names, as they expand on customer experience, value and range. Following the success of its Jane Asher bakeware range, which has more than doubled predicted sales figures, Poundland has revealed a new 200-piece DIY range tested and developed by celebrity builder and renowned DIY expert, Tommy Walsh.

“DIY should be accessible and affordable for everyone, which is why I have partnered with Poundland to develop this high quality range which offers amazing value at just £1 per item, allowing customers to fill their toolbox with all the essentials they need for as little as £10.” 

  1. Range Expansion

With over two thirds of Brits carrying out DIY projects last year, Poundland has seized a fantastic market opportunity with its exclusive range, ‘DIY:Time’ set to launch the week prior to the May bank holiday.

The range of £1 products will be made accessible with differentiated by colour coded categories:

  • Decorating Essentials – Red
  • Adhesives – Blue
  • Toolbox Essentials – Yellow
  • Fixtures and Fittings – Orange

After a recent strategic and creative client win, The Behaviours Agency will be bringing to life product categories and in-store navigation for trade tools in a retail environment, and the importance of colour is a key factor.

As the discount retail brands continue to expand into many different fields, it will be interesting to see the ways in which they broaden appeal and offering in order to gain market share. Will retailers like Pound-Stretcher be successful in their venture into Pet Care? Will Poundland continue to embrace their price promotions of more than £1, and if so what opportunities does this open them up to?

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Jemma Connor,

Jnr. Account Manager.