We’re often asked what we believe the next retail trend is, and as we put the finishing touches to our full report on 2012 we thought we’d share some of the most influential ones.

Becoming shopperholics
Understanding shoppers and their behaviour has never been higher up the boardroom agenda. Real insights and tangible actions deliver sales and market share growth. Thinking like a shopper is central to retailer’s success.

Let me entertain YOU
Nothing too new about this trend, shoppers have been seeking richer retail experience for years. But now they are expecting it personalized to them – Addidas’s experiment with facial recognition is just once advance that could shape the retail environment.

The value of Social Shopping
There’s no doubt that social media especially the deal and coupon sites are driving retail traffic, and with f-commerce about to explode the key over the next few years will be to establish real value & ROI from social shopping activity.

Service experiences
If you look at the UK’S retail winners and losers it’s the brands with a service ethos built into them that have grown – John Lewis, Waitrose, M&S, Asda. Introducing new service platforms drives loyalty and greater consumer engagement which will be the key to retail survival.

The return of the high street
The combined forces of consumers staying local and retailers needing to get a greater return from their bricks and mortar may lead to more emphasis placed on high street stores. What about the concept of high street discount – rather than online discount?

Shopper memorable ideas than transcend channels

Retailer’s success will come down to brand differentiation and connection with their customers through all the channels. The ongoing challenge will be to find marketing services partners who can tell the story with authenticity and consistency.