The pop-up shop has become an established phenomenon. No longer considered an option exclusive to for forward thinking retailers and start-ups, it’s being embraced by brands all over the world. The pop-up is the perfect opportunity to trial something new. It’s a temporary offering that needs to be thought provoking and purposeful.

As the capital of the UK, London is a source of inspiration for retailers in the rest of the country. It holds precedence as the hub of retail innovation and as a result it plays home to various pop-ups, with new stores coming and going on a monthly basis.

Following a recent trend spotting trip to the city, we’ve returned with a breakdown of what’s going on right now in the world of the pop-up shop…

  • French Connection

Found in the unlikely spot of Old Street Tube Station, this pop-up is a great example of big brands using small spaces. French Connection lose their usual polished store design and opt for an on-trend shabby-chic look as they open their first ‘convenience store’. Order online before 1pm and you can collect it from the store on the same day, this retail offering caters to London’s busy commuter.

  • Clarks

Initially there for just three weeks, Clarks take it back to basics with their Covent Garden pop-up and choose to focus on the brand’s strong sense of heritage. The store represents their progression as they’ve merged boundaries between design and craftsmanship. As their first standalone menswear store, it’s the perfect opportunity them to test the water.

  • Clinique Skin Lab

The Clinique Concept store pushes the boundaries of technology in the retail space. Occupying a small outlet in Covent Garden, the Lab uses interactive experience pods to show consumers the effects of daily life on their skin. Offering bespoke advice on skincare routines, this store offers a level of experience and service not found in their usual subsidiaries.

  • Gap

With a temporary residence at Shoreditch’s Boxpark, Gap have successfully refined their offering to bring consumers their very best. They have clearly profiled the typical Boxpark visitor and have used the space to embody their #LivedIn campaign – keeping it authentic with a neutral colour palette. Every month Gap will overhaul the store with a new theme, offering the consumer a changing experience.

Unique and experiential, pop-up shops can be used to bring something different. One of the best ways to utilise a smaller, temporary space is to use it as an extension of the brand. Whether it represents your core brand values, or tells the consumer something new, it’s the perfect opportunity to use retail innovation to merge the bridge between retailer and consumer.

Sarah Pyatt

Account Executive