Is it me or are retailers doing everything they can to kill off their high street stores or at worst simply make them cost heavy showrooms? With House of Fraser announcing another new format click & collect store and Debenhams online kiosks coming to a store near you in the next couple of weeks I cant help feeling that yet more emphasis is being placed on a digital world rather than placing energies on creating rich shopping experiences.

Now don’t get me wrong we live in a truly multichannel world and each channel should drive traffic to one and other in the most customer centric manner but talking to shoppers in all sorts categories they still love the experinces of shopping, the social, tactile, fabulous feeling of entering a store. Shoppers in this recessionary period want more value and they extend that to their shop experinces. So my plea to retailer is to carry on thinking about digital and social shopping but think more about the shopping experinces in store.

Sue Benson