Shopping Uncovered: Online vs In-store

In this special edition of Shopping Uncovered, we take an in-depth look at the role in-store high street shopping and online shopping play in our lives today. The big question is, will the high street survive the unwavering success of online shopping?

To find out we talked to thousands of shoppers of all ages. We uncovered their thoughts, feelings and attitudes towards shopping in-store and online. In this report we’ve collated the findings to help inform marketing strategies, create better shopping experiences, and ultimately improve return on investment.

From Millennials to Boomers, this report provides advice and tips to help businesses keep shoppers engaged in-store on the high street.

Here’s a snapshot of the insights we uncovered:

  • Nothing beats being about to interact with a product before you buy it
  • High street shopping is a social experience
  • Shoppers see the high street as a place where their community can come together
  • Retail staff play an important role in driving the decision to purchase

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To see the bigger picture of how we shop in the entire home and leisure sector:

Shopping Uncovered – how we really shop is an in-depth report provides invaluable insights into shopper behavior including:

  • How we shop – online and in-store splits
  • The drivers to buy – by generation and category
  • Attitudes to sales and promotions
  • How staff can make a difference

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