Shopping Uncovered: Home & Leisure

It is accepted that different generations shop differently, but most studies make assumptions that all shopping is the same. Our latest report, reveals how shoppers really shop today.

Learn what drives people to buy. Discover what changes if your core shopper is a Millennial or a Boomer. Explore what impact category has.

Is finding a holiday really the same as buying a sofa. Can this be.

For the first time, Shopping Uncovered – How we really shop today – tackles all these issues and looks at shopping in two ways.

Firstly, we study in-store and online shopping behavior, to reveal a more intuitive and useful analysis of how we shop.

We’ve also noticed that while there are common themes that repeatedly come up on shopper influences, until now no one has one ‘formula’ for what drives us to make one purchasing decision over another. Shopping Uncovered investigates the six key forces that influence shopping decisions and their power of influence, by generation and category. These ‘Shopper Forces’ have been identified as:

  • Price
  • Need to touch
  • Shopping experience
  • Education
  • Brand
  • Social validation

The findings will surprise, but also confirm some of your assumptions, helping you to prioritise marketing budgets, incite growth and improve ROI.

In summary, Shopping Uncovered – how we really shop will tell you:

  • How we shop – online and in-store splits
  • The drivers to buy – by generation and category
  • Attitudes to sales and promotions
  • How staff can make a difference

We hope you enjoy Shopping Uncovered, and that you will find it a useful planning aid.

If you’re interested in reading the report, which focuses on the Home and Leisure sectors, please register your details in the form below.

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