Shopping Uncovered: Fitness, Sports & Outdoor Edition

In our second Shopping Uncovered retail report, we’ve taken a closer look at one of the categories in the home and leisure sector – Fitness, Sports and Outdoor.

In our research in to the home and leisure sector, more than a thousand shoppers were asked about their shopping habits. Behaviour varied wildly by category and in this report we capture how those behaviours can be used to inform marketing strategies in the Fitness, Sports and Outdoor category.

Learn what drives people to buy. Discover what changes if your core shopper is a Millennial or a Boomer. And get advice and tips for using the data to market more effectively. Ultimately, this report can help you create a better shopping experience and improve return on investment.

Here’s a snapshot of what we found:

  • Bricks and mortar high street stores are the life-blood of sports and outdoor brands as shoppers seek to try before they buy.
  • Shoppers in this category are more likely to be brand driven.
  • While getting a good price is important, shoppers are less likely to expect a bargain and feel you get what you pay for.

If you’re interested in reading our insight report on the Fitness, Sports and Outdoor category, please register your details in the form below.

We hope you enjoy this new edition of Shopping Uncovered, and that you will find it a useful planning aid.

Alternatively, you might find our insight report on the entire home and leisure sector of interest. Shopping Uncovered – how we really shop will tell you:

  • How we shop – online and in-store splits
  • The drivers to buy – by generation and category
  • Attitudes to sales and promotions
  • How staff can make a difference

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