Trends influencing shoppers in 2018 and beyond...

The latest report: ‘Trends influencing shoppers in 2018 and beyond…’  from The Behaviours Agency details 8 emerging trends which will influence and shape shopper behaviour in 2018.   Some of the topics our report covers include:

Virtual Reality
Understanding this immersive technology will be vital for brands hoping to engage shoppers in 2018

Hello 5G
Will faster mobile speeds will mean greater opportunity for richer content and greater accessibility?

Trusted influencers
With the rise of fake news and the ‘sceptical consumer’, do shoppers still trust advertising?

On demand video
The TV viewing landscape is changing, does on demand mean the end of adverts?

The death of the checkout
New technologies are revolutionising the way shoppers pay for goods in-store as well as online

Easy returns
Are longer warranties and risk-free product trials building shopper confidence in brands?

Clicks to Bricks
What’s driving online-only retailers to open their own physical stores?

‘Stealth stores’
Do shoppers prefer independent local, businesses to large chains?

These trends will have a powerful impact on how brands engage with their shoppers. To read the full insight report on Retail Trends in 2018, please register your details in the form below.

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