Retail 2021 Trends

Retail 2021 Trends


Our latest Retail 2021 Report is an in-depth review of the new technologies, disruptive upstarts and shifting patterns of consumption that are entering the retail environment over the coming years.

Stay ahead of the competition by downloading these 10 priceless trends shaping the retail landscape of today and tomorrow. See below for what the report includes.

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Retail 2021 Trends Report is a must-read for marketers who need to:

  1. Prepare for or drive change in your business
  2. Gain an edge over competition
  3. Present customers with an environment and service that is more in tune with their mindset and needs.

What the Retail 2021 Trends Report covers:

As a behavioural-led creative agency we’re interested in the context in which decisions are made, and the retail sector provides a lab-like environment in which to study how and why we buy. Our latest retail trends report – Retail 2021 – covers the top 10 shifts that are driving the retail category in the years ahead. These include:

Backstories become ever more important and prominent as brands build Destinations, which are carefully tended by Ambassadors.

Expectations have been a catalyst in the drive to reduce Friction, a drive that will dramatically cull the level of human interaction we have in stores – except for those who look to increase it.

In these stores we will certainly feel The Luxury of Human Interaction as we slow shop our way around their wares. And what of our search for Meaning, and the conflicting consumption of products as a means of reaching our idealised self? Transient Ownership presents a chance to shape the life we want without being tethered to the objects we fill it with.

The Behaviours Agency

As a creative agency that uses behavioural science to develop impactful creative for retailers and brands, we have a keen interest in the context in which decisions are made, and retail provides a lab-like environment in which to study how and why we buy.

We’ve always kept a close eye on the trends influencing the retail sector since our inception 13 years ago, and our obsession with behaviour and how it can be influenced is at the heart of this. Find out more here.


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