Retail 2021 Trends



Our Retail 2021 Report is an in-depth review of the new technologies, disruptive upstarts and shifting patterns of consumption that will be entering the retail environment in 2021, partly in response to the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Compiled by our expert trend spotter and behavioural strategist, the 20+ page report took several weeks to research, curate, refine and perfect.

This Retail 2021 Trends Report is a must-read for marketers who need to:

  1. Prepare for or drive change in your business
  2. Gain an edge over competition
  3. Present customers with an environment and service that is more in tune with their mindset and needs.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll discover in the report:

  1. What slows us down stops us spending…
    Friction anywhere in the retail experience appears to be a bad idea, especially when it slows down customers on their way to spend their money.
  2. How we pay, where and when…
    Payment is the end goal, so it’s no surprise that how we make purchases is becoming of increasing interest to a raft of upstarts who are primed to disrupt this critical, and often overlooked, step of the journey.
  3. We’re influenced by people we trust and connect with…
    Ambassadors are a critical touchpoint for customers, they’re the face of the retailer and on the frontline of our questions, queries and often influence our decision to purchase..
  4. It’s ok not to own it…
    Transient ownership is one of our latest retail trends because it has changed our mindsets on purchasing. We things quicker and without forking out cash, therefore renting everything from couches to clothes has become increasingly popular.
  5. When the shop isn’t the final destination…
    Destination stores are going against the norm and making friction into part of the shopper journey with many retail destinations being built wholey around experience.
  6. Everybody needs good neighbourhood shops…
    Neighbourhood stores are helping brands to reconnect with consumers by focusing on the location and community surrounding their store over the big brand on its sign.
  7. We buy things that can last forever…
    Circular retail is the new face of closed loop purchasing. Ignited by environmental thinking, consumers seek materials, components and goods that can be reconditioned, re-used and re-imagined as something new.
  8. We want retailers to be where we are…
    Decentralised retail shifts the idea of fixed, ‘centralised’ stores as retailers look to be where we are, rather than us going to them. Which, of course minimises friction and maximises convenience.
  9. Back to business for independents…
    Independents day is coming. For many years big businesses have pushed small businesses out the way because they couldn’t deliver to us fast enough and at price we want. With a raft of new businesses built on empowering the little guy emerging we could see this change.
  10. We’ll end up shopping without even thinking about it….
    Artificial Intelligence has the ability to transform retail. We leave data wherever we go, and that’s just the fuel many retailers need to enhance our shopping experience rather than disrupt it.

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The Behaviours Agency

As a creative agency that uses behavioural science to make marketing more effective for brands, we have a keen interest in the context in which decisions are made, and retail, especially in 2020, provided a lab-like environment in which to study how and why we buy. Find out more here.


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