The problem

How do you drive sign ups to a new digital service to help drive growth in a ‘safe’ sector, when research tells us that customers aren’t looking for a better way to do things?

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Our behavioural solution

Using our experts to help customers make the move

We listened to customers and built on strong existing brand work from Well to create a new strategic approach. We positioned the new digital repeat prescription service as an empowering choice in how you manage your repeat prescriptions, showing the move to be simple and worth the effort. Customers respect Well’s pharmacists so we brought them to life to front the campaign, utilising the authority bias. We show that they were still responsible for making sure customers safely get their prescription.

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Creativity informed by behavioural science

To bring the pharmacists to life, we created a bespoke suite of illustrations that show the team to be expert but approachable – the perfect form of authority for this challenge. The TV advert shows them diligently managing prescriptions, and this creative is optimised across all social channels.


The campaign launched in October 2019 across TV and paid social advertising. Early signs are promising.