Revealing the secret to a great brand campaign for Silentnight


To drive growth for the brand during 2016/17 Silentnight asked us to bring to life their brand vision which is to provide ‘quality sleep solutions for all the family’ with an integrated advertising campaign.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

To unlock the most effective ways to influence the behaviour of potential Silentnight shoppers we recognised that when it comes to buying a new bed or mattress, shoppers can prefer to stick to what they have than now than risk buying an alternative for fear it will be a mistake. This is the Status Quo behaviour bias.

To break through this, we realised that our campaign idea had to dramatise the familiar, recognising that Silentnight can give you a great night’s sleep. And by focusing on what the benefits of sleep are, we felt we could start to influence the inertia of Slientnight’s potential audience.

We came up with the line ‘the secret to a great night’s sleep’, and created a campaign that became known as ‘My Sleep Secret’.

It made heroes of the ‘real’ customer experiences you have with Silentnight’s product range. The campaign is spearheaded by a brand video that focuses on the Representative bias by showing an idyllic family where mum, dad and three children all wake having had a great night’s sleep in their Silentnight beds.

The rest of the campaign features reportage style photography accompanied by quotes from customers, revealing their secrets to getting a really great night’s sleep. This approach sprung from understanding the Social norms that indicates people tend to copy the behaviour of others – ie follow the herd

This campaign was rolled out across national press, independent retailer POS and social media. The brand video is being used on Silentnight’s website, on screens in retailer’s stores and as VoD.

Driving Success

The brand campaign has really resonated with Silentnight consumers, with many getting involved and sharing their ‘sleep secrets’ on Twitter. It will be a major asset for the brand’s consumer communications programme over the coming months.

Delivered industry benchmark beating results.

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