Transforming sharps business with behavioural science

The problem

How do you drive continuous growth in competitive sector when you’re already the market leader?

Our behavioural solution

Choose your enemy to shape the buying decision.

We built on everything we knew about the Sharps brand and how consumers buy furniture to develop the 2019 January Sale TV campaign. Using anchoring we showed the real enemy to Sharps beautiful fitted furniture: make-do freestanding fitted furniture that doesn’t give people the maximum storage space in their room. Sharps fitted furniture is then shown as the ideal solution to this problem.

Sharps 2019 TV Ads

Sharps Behind The Scenes

Creativity informed by behavioural science

We created a pair of TV adverts that show our characters finally resolving to do something about the poor storage their existing wardrobes give them. They excitedly move around their room, getting rid of their old furniture and building their perfect fitted furniture to fit the contours of their room.


The campaign led to a growth in sales of 7.4%.