How behavioural marketing drove impactful creative for Sharps Bedrooms


Throughout 2018 it was clear that the UK High Street was facing challenging conditions, and the picture into 2019 and beyond gave little cause for optimism.

With that in mind, our challenge was to work with Sharps to identify how we could deliver a January Sale campaign that set 2019 up for continued profitable sales growth.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

When considering the wardrobes to buy, many people automatically look to freestanding wardrobes. This is driven by habit and an acceptance of status quo – people have likely bought freestanding wardrobes before, it’s what they know, and they require a low amount of effort to buy and install. They do the job, but in fact only give you around half the storage of a fitted wardrobe.

To aid Sharps in overcoming this behaviour and reinforce our ‘Twice the storage space’ message, we leveraged the bias of anchoring in the form of a stuffed and disorganised freestanding wardrobe. This represents the reality most of us are faced with every day, and by anchoring this reference in the viewers mind we were able to more effectively frame and contrast the benefits of a fitted solution.

The campaign comprises a suite of press ads and targeted social media adverts, but the centrepiece is a pair of TV commercials. In both, we see our character enter the bedroom and finally decide to do something about their storage. They then get rid of the overflowing free standing wardrobe, and uncover their perfect Sharps fitted wardrobe from the contours of their room, fitting it to the contours of their room, maximising space and choosing the interior storage solutions they need.

Driving Success

The campaign launched just before Christmas 2018, and looks set to deliver strong results throughout 2019.

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