Driving double digit growth for Housing Units


To use the Spring Sale period to drive quality footfall to the Housing Units’ store and website, leading to sales growth.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

As a behavioural marketing company we understand that by framing customer perceptions of a brand and its products using aspirational imagery, trends and styling we can influence their buying decisions.

We achieved this for the North West’s biggest home department store Housing Units for its 2019 Spring campaign

Creating inspirational and attainable trends

Working collaboratively with Housing Units’ interior design team, we developed five trends for the home, that incorporated a range of furniture and accessories available from the store or website.

All five trends were photographed on location, so customers could see how they might bring them into their own homes. The trends were promoted throughout the store, as well as on TV, social media, direct mail and online.

The prominence of the trends creates lots of excitement around the Spring Event as a whole, and the Preview Event proved extremely popular this year in particular.

Celebrating the People of Housing Units

As well as highlighting the stunning products on offer during the Sale, it was really important that we continue to recognise the people at the heart of Housing Units. All of whom are integral to creating the unique place that it is. We celebrate the store’s interior designer in the brochure, positioning her as the expert in style and design. This uses the authority bias, which is where people can be heavily influenced by the opinion of experts.

The Spring Campaign launched with a five day Preview Event, and runs for an additional three months until the end of May 2019.

Driving Success

We’re delighted to say that the Spring Sale Preview Event saw a double digit increase in sales compared with the same period in 2018, which ensured Housing Units had an unprecedented first week of a sale.

“The Spring Sale start was amazing last week. Our best week in the company’s history!”

Nick Fox, CEO Housing Units

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