I recently attended the POPAI Autumn Seminar, an annual event run by the point-of-purchase (POP) industry’s trade association.

We heard from an array of POP professionals who shared their expertise and industry knowledge on best practice within the sector, and how we, as retail marketers can maximize dwell time within store and really connect with shoppers.

One of the more engaging talks came from retail supremo Adidas who shared their strategy for launching their London 2012 Olympic campaign. We gained insight into their prolific planning schedule right through to how they utilized the retail, social and digital environments, treating them as extended media within an integrated campaign.

It was interesting to see how they took the essence of their campaign idea “take the stage” and translated this into the retail world, from a complete 16 store window and floor take over in Harrods to the entire ‘wrapping’ of department stores with campaign branding throughout the country. Unsurprisingly, digital and social platforms were also a pivotal strand in the campaign. These were required to work seamlessly with the much-overused buzzword of the moment ‘integrated’ strategy.

As well as talks from GDRUK (a creative intelligence organization who forecast global retail trends) we heard from the Co-Operative who spoke of how the consumer’s retail needs within supermarket shopping are changing.

We learnt how choice is becoming much more succinct, the supermarket shopper no longer wants to be overwhelmed with endless product variants. As such, the need for retail marketing to be targeted is more important now than ever. It’s about knowing your shopper and the shopper journey for your brand, understanding what touch points are most appropriate for your audience and creating communication that will engage with them and generate sales.

Again, the word integration was peppered throughout the talk, but there was also encouragement to be daring with retail marketing. It’s not always about taking the safe option and suggesting shelf talkers and floor stickers to a retailer. Do your homework and suggest relevant comms that will encourage your shopper to buy. Do this and you will have a happy retailer who will happily implement your campaign and give you the much wanted shelf space and in-store media that you require to deliver an effective campaign.

Helen Priestley

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