It’s remarkable what our Retail Inspired Innovation is used for – last Friday it inspired product innovation, new market entry and the retail story.

We explored the world of Decorating Centres a world where trade & retail customers seem to come together quite naturally.

What Personality?

We use our SHOP analytics tool to audit each stores performance, it has 6 analysis areas ranging from Personality to Promotion to Product Engagement. The starting point is Personality as generally it relates to memorability of experience and therefore brand/retail differentiation – and after just 4 days I’m struggling to remember the difference between the branches. (Hopefully it’s there lack of experience rather than early on set Dementia).

And so you have to wonder why merchants/retailers find themselves in this position and what advice can I give my clients to avoid this happening to them.

Creating memorable retail experiences

So here goes my top 5 actions:

  1. Take Control. Its your branch/store not the supplier brands – so stamp your personality on it. Use supplier brands strategically as category captains – but don’t let their brand dominate yours.
  2. Face to Face. Colleagues are one of the most influential aspects of the retail experience – and service is increasingly becoming the differentiator between brands – so create a service experience that only your colleagues can deliver.
  3. Design for multiple audiences. It is possible to have multiple and different audiences shopping harmoniously in a single environment – but design individually with insight for each audience – don’t try and fuse everything together – it will become meaningless.
  4. Look outside the category. In many markets we observe merely iterations of the retail model – so inward facing is it that brands just follow each other round in ever decreasingly circles. To break free of this go shopping somewhere else and apply the strategies to your business.
  5. Take Control again. I know I’ve said this one already but I really cant stress it enough – this is your pad not your suppliers. Great examples can be found in Grocery – Shopping in Booths, Waitrose and Whole Foods are quintessentially branded.

Let us inspire you

Our Inspiration Tours are designed to take you out of your comfort zone and inspire innovation – so if you’re looking to add retail personality, drive sales growth or brand equity we’re a great place to start.

Sue Benson
Managing Director