Harry Williams

Say hello to Harry Williams

Art Director

Having studied Illustration Harry then completed several internships before discovering a passion for graphic design, visual communication and advertising. This lead to agency work in London before moving back up North to continue his career, working at Havas amongst other
Manchester agencies. He has produced adverts, branding, internal comms etc. for household names like Pets at Home, booking.com, Just Eat, eBay and more!


The BBC, I love how it has a clear mission written in a Royal Charter (to inform, educate and entertain) and finds seems to find such interesting was to achieve them, and doesn’t strays from them. It has a diverse audience and, impressively, is constantly evolving to meet their needs
across a huge range of touchpoint all the while managing to be distinctly BBC-ish. That or I could just be hooked on Line of Duty…


Muji. They are a real lifestyle brand and seem to sell everything you need. Muji translated means no-brand, quality goods and brilliantly communicated the idea that simplicity is not merely modest or frugal, but could possibly be more appealing than luxury. They concentrate on the quality and aesthetics of every single thing that they produce, so that no matter what you buy from them, it could be a sofa, a pen or a bag or crisps you know it’s from Muji. It means that they don’t need a logo, they just need an enduring style and philosophy to create brand
recognition and loyalty.


Personally I am always drawn to things that go against the grain, so I would have to say distinctiveness. I think it doesn’t just apply to something that stands out because of the way it look, it shows how handcrafted and triumph over mass produced or how quiet can grab more
attention than loud. It explains why creativity, bravery and innovative can be so important!


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Emma Gray

Say hello to Emma Gray

Account Manager

With 3 years experience in agency-side marketing, Emma has joined The Behaviours Agency to get a taste for behavioural science. 

Having previously been responsible for content marketing for a number of clients, ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations including Michelin and Leica Geosystems, she’s coming to us with the ability to deliver socially savvy strategies, dream up big campaign ideas and craft content that hits the mark.


Vivobarefoot: They are seriously disrupting the market with minimalist design and tough soles. As a relatively new brand they’re working hard to carve out space for themselves in the industry. 

Vivo is hot on R&D, and as the brand is underpinned by sustainability, they innovate relentlessly to develop eco-materials which can replace plastics. Their latest invention? A midsole made from algae, not only does it prevent plastic use, the biomass actually cleans and restores the environment when it’s harvested. Impressive.


M&S (Foodhall): Because who doesn’t love M&S?! They’re unrivalled. M&S has nailed their brand positioning as retailers of high quality food at a reasonable price. You can go in for a Friday night treat tea, or weekday lunch, and one thing’s for sure–you won’t be disappointed. It’s a shame they’ve missed the mark on the department store side of the business, but their food halls might provide a saving grace for the brand.


Scarcity. I’m a sucker for limited supply. As soon as something isn’t easily obtainable, I must have it. 

Remember when Greggs released the vegan sausage roll? I’m not even vegan and searched desperately for 6 weeks to find one with no luck. Eventually, I managed to sample one and rated it as bang-average, but appreciated the menu expansion all the same. Greggs, on the other hand, cashed in on the plant-based pastry and noticed a huge hike in profits.   

Was it the rise of veganism or scarcity playing the biggest role here? I’d go with the latter.


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Steve Brunt Planning Director

Steve Brunt

Say hello to Steve Brunt

Planning Director

Steve Brunt has been in marketing strategy for twenty years (and it’s really starting to show now). With an initial grounding in not-for-profit (NSPCC) and public sector (COI) strategy and branding, he’s always focused on influencing behaviour. He’s led strategy for accounts like Co-op, BP, Unilever, EA Games, and Syngenta, and worked for agencies spanning advertising, digital, creative innovation and B2B. He joined The Behaviours Agency in early 2020, since when the entire world has completely changed their behaviour.

“I’ve always admired what a complete brand Lynx was (for a while). It knew its audience, their mindset, humour and motivations, and its place. And it built brand cues for all the senses – you could recognise the smell, the sight, the shape, the identity, the ad style and slogan and even a brand sound (remember bau-chicka-wow-wow?) Shame it tried to grow up, really.”

“I’d have to say Thread.com. They built the clothing service I needed. Great range, slick, personalised user experience, and seamless end-to-end service. They use all the strengths of online retailing and avoid all the pitfalls. ”

“First-fit pattern matching” – this is the idea that when taking in new information, we compare it to the most mentally available approximate match (not the best fit). It explains a lot about why we make the same mistakes over and over, and why we struggle to avoid stereotypes. And it’s why brands need to build an array of brand cues, like Lynx did.”


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Mark Griffiths – Head of Studio

Mark Griffiths

Say hello to Mark

Head of Studio & Production

Mark recently returned to The Behaviours Agency in March 2021 having previously worked with the company for over 11 years. He has built up an invaluable amount of knowledge on every client. He is responsible for producing finished artwork for national press campaigns and associated print materials, as well as managing the website. A self-confessed ‘Tech Wiz’, Mark enjoys playing football, going the cinema and socialising with friends.


It just has to be Apple I’m afraid.I’m an absolute sucker for the new products and love the feel of peeling back that plastic on a new product. I love how they introduce products, explain key differences and even admire how they’ve gone about the recycling and eco aspect of their product development. Committing to be completely carbon neutral for a company that size is a step we can all learn from.


I love shopping on Amazon. Who doesn’t? Prime has just made normal shopping seem so pointless and they know it. Unfortunately.


Commitment. I like the fact that you can monitor its effectiveness. The bigger the commitment, the greater the cost of breaking it is. And it makes brands more effective at producing results.


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Janey Leonard-Myers

Say hello to Janey

Senior Account Manager

Janey has 3 years experience in Marketing and 4 years in Advertising as an account handler including Cheetham Bell JWT, where she worked on Siemens, Jersey Telecom, Soreen & Joseph Holt. Janey’s experience ranges from developing marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, brand development and digital activation.

Patagonia: As a sporty & outdoorsy person, I love the quality of their products but more importantly their focus on using the best materials, repairing & recycling because they want to protect the planet we live on. They owe their success to having fun & solving environmental issues.
That’s a yes from me!

Amazon: Perhaps controversial but they have pioneered the shopping experience, through being able to buy almost anything, next day delivery with Prime, Gift wrapping, TV & next drone delivery!

Reciprocity – This bias describes the urge we have to reciprocate the actions others have done towards us, returning the favour where we can. Even the smallest act of generosity or altruism can build a well thought after brand, where it’s customers are inclined to returned the favour.


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Nat Taylor

Say hello to Nat

Junior Integrated Designer

Nat Taylor has been at The Behaviours Agency since April 2017. She loves illustration and has been selling her own posters online to customers around the world since before she began her career with us. Her passion for illustration and animation informs her work and her multiple disciplines allow her to create designs to work across all platforms.

“Absolut Vodka for their simplicity. The shape of the bottle is enough and they use it across all their advertising. It has the freedom to be cool and flexible, so they can implement it in anything.”

“ASOS. They’re reasonably priced and the online search is so easy to use if you’re looking for a specific thing. The free delivery and free returns are great and make-up for not shopping in store.”

“Scarcity, because if something is rare or limited edition, it works on me all the time.”


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James Ballinger

James Ballinger

Say hello to James Ballinger

Board Director

James Ballinger has 20 years of agency experience, working on a range of retailers and brands. Having started life in media planning before moving into account management, James has a strong grasp of the omnichannel environment marketing teams have to operate in and has developed a wealth of experience in applying behavioural science to brand strategy, campaigns and tactical activity for clients.

Under Armour specialise in performance clothing. They have a bold vision matched by a seriously brave strategy. Signing-up a host of sport stars early on in their career who are now at the top of their sport (Jordan Spieth, Steph Curry, Michael Phelps and Anthony Joshua), they’ve made a serious dent in Adidas and Nike’s dominance of the sport and fitness category. Their advertising is striking and memorable and the clothing has the right mix of technical excellence and style to boot.”

Finisterre. Okay, not that local (they are based in St Ives), but Finisterre is a manufacturer and retailer of innovative clothing intended for use by cold-water surfers. The brand prides itself on using responsibly sourced fabrics and there is a real no-frills, honest approach to the thinking behind the designs and purpose of each piece of clothing. You can sense the passion for what the business stands for and the coats in particular are incredibly lightweight, warm and well-made. I’ve no doubt the in store experience would be a good one; shame they are all by the sea (and in London, obviously).”

Chunking because:
a) I like to keep things simple for me and others
b) I’m more engaged by manageable amounts of information
c) I remember things in groups of three”


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Dorina D'Ambrosio

Dorina D'Ambrosio

Say hello to Dorina D'Ambrosio

Creative Director

Dorina D’Ambrosio spent her former years as a director at McCann Erickson, working on brands and retailers including Coca-Cola, Scholl, Clarks, Magnet, Sony Card and Durex. She now provides the inspiration, creative leadership and her own special ‘Dorina’ magic to The Behaviours Agency clients. A shopaholic through and through, she intuitively knows how to influence a shopper through persuasive design and advertising. If you meet her ask her anything about, Selfridges she’s an expert!

“Apple, because have they one look and completely own it. I love the simplicity of their photography and consistency of their advertising. You see something by Apple and you know it’s by Apple.”

“There’s nothing about John Lewis that I don’t like! I love their Christmas campaigns and look forward to them every year. Their Design Project series is so innovative, and the online experience is just as wonderful as the instore experience. You walk into a John Lewis store and you know where you are. Plus, you have an automatic trust in every field they expand into, whether it’s glasses or holidays.”

Scarcity because personally, I’d always try to buy something of quality because it adds to the value. And if it’s limited edition, even better.”


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Sue Benson

Sue Benson

Say hello to Sue Benson

Managing Director

Sue Benson has worked in and around retail for 20 years, starting life at the coal face at M&S. Moving to McCann Erickson, she led retail projects for Magnet, Clarks, Sainsbury’s Bank, Office World and Sony Card, featuring online and offline communications. She founded The Behaviours Agency with her business partner Dorina D’Ambrosio to bring brands, retailers and shoppers closer together to create action. A brand and business strategist at heart she’s in her element on the shop floor and is a huge advocate of the role of colleagues in the shopper experience.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Waitrose. I love the provenance, people and the way they leverage their people. The magic of the beautiful products shines through as well as their amazing service.”

“I just love ASOS. The whole user experience is fantastic, from their product choice to the delivery. They’ve got great service down to a T.”

Commitment pledge. I love the fact that once you say something out loud, you’re committed to it. And it works at a business and personal level.”


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