Packaging trends are inspirational & the starting point for many client briefs. We are constantly looking for innovations across the globe.

We seek out trends across all they key packaging design influences – from visual and verbal design trends, to form, function and materials, to retailer led trends to the influence NPD has on packaging – and beyond.

Some of our favourite packaging trends for 2015…

  1. Convenience – lighter, smaller, quicker, no mess, re-sealable, re-usable – consumers want packaging design solutions to make our life easier. Some lovely examples by Moleskin, Hangar Pak and HP.
  2. Sustainability – should be high on the agenda for any brand along the entire supply chain and product design process.
  3. Authenticity – packaging that is deeply routed in the brands DNA.
  4. Kraft – Both the paper and what it represents will continue to feature for years to come.
  5. Hand Drawn – A particular trend in the artisan sector that continues to go from strength to strength and become mass market as these brands mature. This influence is also being used by some of the big boys – check out Jameson’s St. Patrick’s Day Limited Edition Bottle
  6. Contrast – Big designs styles that use colour contrast to add impact on the shelf.
  7. Personalisation – with shorter print lead times and digital printing the ability to create more personalised packaging design will come into its own. Think Coca-Cola.
  8. Digital inclusion – as mobile tech advances it will be used to influence & engage with shopper at the shelf edge.

How do we go finding packaging trends?

We’re constantly looking!  We may see something whilst we are on our travels or discover trends whilst doing a deep research dive into a category or market. And if we want to learn experientially with our clients we use our Retail Inspired Innovation process – click here to find out more.

Sue Benson

Managing Director