We have just unveiled the new brand strategy for Sharps with a £1.4m campaign, which marks a fresh direction for the company as it looks to take advantage of shoppers’ desire to be part of their bedroom transformation.

Shoppers have preconceived ideas of bespoke fitted wardrobes, so our campaign aims to grow the Sharps business by persuading them to reevaluate what its products are all about. As well as retaining those already predisposed to the brand, we hope to attract new people, driving long-term growth.

What we did

New strapline ‘created with you’ is an evolution of ‘Sharps & you’ and represents the partnership between Sharps and its customers in the creation of their dream bedroom. We have also refreshed the logo, including a contemporary grey and white colour palette.

The new brand strategy and proposition, launched in a new eight-week TV campaign on 17 September 2014, will also run across press, in-store, the brochure and online. Two 30-second ads will air on satellite and terrestrial channels between programmes such as Good Morning Britain and Grand Designs.

A new TV ad

We developed the creative execution for TV to reflect the new brand strategy, capturing the effortless transformation of two bedrooms – contemporary and traditional. This transformation, from empty room to dream bedroom, takes place in front of the eyes of the owner – as if her vision has been magically brought to life and created with Sharps.

We worked with The Gate Films Manchester, who directed and produced the ad. Different filming techniques, including CGI, real footage and stop-motion animation brought the concept to life. In the first scene a wardrobe builds, fitting a period room perfectly. The second scene shows the build of interior storage solutions, as if anticipating the owner’s needs, before the wardrobe doors glide into place.

A word from Tim Moore, Marketing Director at Sharps

“We’ve had a couple of very successful years out of the current brand campaign and TV ad, so this was more about evolution than revolution. The Behaviours Agency is helping us take a step forward with an approach that shows how we provide inspiration and design expertise as well as all of the practicalities that come with new bespoke fitted wardrobes such as storage solutions and installation – including customers every step of the way.

“We have a quality product that can be tailored to particular tastes and space. People who buy from us tend to have a great experience and a high opinion of the brand, so our constant challenge is to encourage people to give us a go, and this is what we are looking to achieve with this campaign.”

Adam Tregaskis, head of retail