Morrison’s have managed to do the impossible making that trip to the shops you really don’t want to do, to get all the bits & pieces you have forgotten an easy, even pleasant experience.

The new Morrison’s c store is full of brilliant touches that make shopping quick and easy and it all comes with the same feeling of value that you get from the bigger stores.

From the innovative shape of the trollies, which are just brilliant, to the wooden crates holding the fresh produce which firmly brings home the ‘market street’ proposition without having to shout about it. There’s also very clear messaging that prices are the same as you find in the main stores , which should be tackled but isn’t something that I’ve seen so clearly in competitors c-stores.

The product areas are clearly delineated using engaging POS and colour coding and the range of products is great for a c store, from the usual grab n’ go lunch and dinner solutions to a great range of fresh produce, BWS and fresh bakery to innovations like freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh takeaway coffees and even grind your own coffee beans.

Other great touches are the fruit bowls dotted along where you queue up to pay, (which I’ve since seen taken up by competitors) so customers can buy a single apple instead of the guilty last minute chocolate purchase.

Sky news on display behind the counter is another fantastic touch, the sound is turned off but the newsfeed is there as a distraction if you need it. So you can still have a chat to the wonderfully friendly staff if you want to.

It’s a surprisingly pleasant experience with all the great things that Morrison’s do so well along with the value that you get from the main stores. I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t have got so much shopping for so little money elsewhere.

Chloe Richards