Soulsight, have produced a series of limited edition brand heritage labels for Miller Beer, a highly successful brand going from strength to strength.

Millar took the time to uncover the tools of their past and use them to create an exciting campaign for the future.

It’s like obtaining Grandma’s secret cake recipe and tweaking it for modern tastes.

A modern twist

Soulsight is an agency like ours based in Chicago. They studied everything from old bottles, adverts, posters and crates to reignite a long forgotten charm – the charm that made people fall in love with the beer to begin with. Having worked on brands such as Simoniz which uses the iconic, historic gold tin for their badge, I think it’s a great territory to explore in packaging design and is a great way to build on the relationship between brand and consumer.

It’s all in the heritage

With heritage continually rising as a trend in the world of retail, the Miller Beer bottle design and branding not only creates stand out on shelf, but also successfully evokes a sense of nostalgia, with ‘old timers’ recalling the bottles from the first time around. The added benefit of a modern twist makes them collectable, part of a set and attractive to new customers too.

Some collectors do it for the sport, some do it with dreams that in 20 years’ time they can they can sell them and add to their retirement pot. Either way, they are still collecting and with all collections there is the one item that is hard to come across and that keeps people coming back for more.

The new labels for Miller Beer have gone the extra mile – taking a beer bottle and giving it definition and prominence.

I look forward to watching more brands unearth some of their heritage and reflect it in their designs, updating what’s been a success in the past and bringing it into the modern day retail environment.

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Richard Garnett, Senior Designer