McDonald’s latest TV advert, aired during last week’s 2015 Oscars, has all the right ‘ingredients’ to make an American classic.

Just over a month after the Super Bowl and all the fuss surrounding the cost of ads that companies hosted during the Super Bowl. There was a new ad spot that everyone wanted last week; the Oscar’s.

Whilst not quite as expensive as the Super Bowl, which set companies back $4.5 million per 30 second spot, ads during last week’s Oscar’s cost companies a cool $1.95 million per 30 seconds. Was the cost worth it for McDonalds?

Well, we can’t give you the return on investment but we can say that we think it was a great move.

The Oscars celebrates the ingredients of some of the most wonderful films, like its stars and writers. In line with this, McDonalds have done a great job of capturing some of the ingredients of some of the most famous films in history – and relating them back to food. Such as ‘big Apple + big ape + normal-sized lady’ in the case of King Kong. And of course they finish the ad with the ingredients of the iconic Big Mac.

McDonald’s have done a great job of tailoring their advert to the content it accompanies – and their audience’s love of movies.

The advert itself

The ad shows a series of simple, iconic ‘ingredients’ of films in plain text, accompanied and in sync with “Clair De Lune” by Debussy.

Throughout the advert McDonald’s use a distinct lack of any of their usual branding, with only the last frame of the advert having any of the McDonald’s branding that we are so used to seeing. The lack of any heavy branding adds to the simplicity and the impact of the ad.

The music is well chosen for its link to Hollywood, having been used in movies such as American Hustle, Oceans Thirteen and The Simpsons. And it is cleverly used to dramatise certain words, which animate in sync with the tune.

The music peaks as the ingredients reveal McDonald’s most famous menu item, the Big Mac. Simple and impactful. We love this advert!

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Jade Fenton

Junior Designer