As Creative Director of The Behaviours Agency, I would say the hardest campaigns to come up with are those to advertise yourself and your business. So, when my team and I were asked to come up with a new business campaign that was different to anything out there, that didn’t go straight into the bin and had that, “Hey, look at this” quality about it, we rose to the challenge.

After lots of pacing, debating, tea, shopping, more debating, more tea, more shopping, we strumbled across something rather wonderful. We found the most amazing pieces of art by Austrian born Johannes Stötter, artist, musician and fine-art-bodypainter. Photographs that play tricks with your mind, incorporating incredible body art in which Johannes has replaced the canvas with the human body, transforming his living models into objects inspired by the natural world. We are happy and lucky to be using four masterpieces from him in our new campaign.

If you would like a complete set please email