London Crisp Co. has released brand new crisp packaging, designed for a range of British hand cooked crisps that are set to appeal to the London pub market.

Shoreditch-based B&B-Studio is behind the new designs. The team there has helped the company to bring a fresh contemporary look and feel to a heavily populated and highly competitive market.

Colour-rich design

Each pack showcases an iconic cultural or historic theme around London, making the most of the brand’s heritage and provenance.

They have applied clever use of two-tone colour to create a clearly recognisable identity for each flavor, which works particularly well in my view. A vibrant red is applied for sea salt, a sunshine yellow for sweet chilli, striking blue for sea salt and malt vinegar and, last but not least, hot pink for prawn cocktail.

I like the choice of typography use too for the logo – the hand-drawn type combined with brush effect illustration.

Engaging a local market

What I like most about the bright bold use of colours within the illustrations and beautiful approach to typography is that they have the ability to stand out and appeal to everybody.

The crisp packaging would catch the eye of both tourists and locals alike, granted for different reasons, but wide appeal is a positive here.

National appeal 

It would be really interesting to roll this concept out throughout the major cities of the country – each featuring local landmarks; it would endear the product to local pubs more so than a just another bright spark from London trying to infiltrate business in the regions.

If you would like to talk to us about the different techniques from illustrations to typography to print, that could invigorate your packaging design, get in touch today.

Richard Garnett

Senior Designer