Its official Christmas can start now. There are some ads that define a period in time and the Christmas offering from John Lewis is one of them.

From the start of the soundtrack I was totally hooked. They have to be congratulated for creating such an engaging normal family setting, the mood of the ad just feels right for our turbulent economic times. The casting of the central character is absolutely perfect.

It created huge empathy, bringing back all those feelings of the excitement, anticipation and frustration of waiting for Christmas as a child and as a mum it reminded me how much I’m looking forward to joining my own kids as they go through all of that again this year.

It’s a wonderful piece of communication, insightful and provoking a huge emotional response from the humorous little insights building through to a lump in my throat and tears pricking at my eyes.

As for the twist at the end…

John Lewis doesn’t really have to do much to persuade me as a consumer to part with my cash at their stores. This one has made them even more appealing, it’s already a classic. Brilliant.

Chloe Richards