On our latest innovation tour we caught a glimpse of national brands leveraging their local communities through advertising and high street window displays.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of retail innovation, so it is crucial that we take trips out as often as possible to ensure we’re up to date with exactly what is going on, who is doing what and where the best sources of retail inspiration can be found.

Our innovation tours offer a 360-degree holistic view of the retail landscape, they are an integral part of our seamless shopper thinking, helping to spot the influences that will really make a shopper act. For our latest innovation tour we ventured to Liverpool to see for ourselves the latest happenings in the world of retail.

More stores are starting to move away from approaching retail marketing solely from a national perspective. It was great to see Topshop and River Island participating in and leveraging local community activities on the high streets of Liverpool, such as Liverpool’s Aintree race meeting.

Stores leveraging local:

  • River Island chose to use Aintree as a pivotal point in its in-store design and display windows. All of which were utilised to showcase the occasion. All ladies formal wear was positioned at the front of the store and were displayed on large horses
  • Topshop dressed all of its display windows in formal attire that would be suitable for the Aintree race meeting. Using the event as a focal point to advertise its in-store personal shopper appointments, which were available as a complimentary service, due to the upcoming event

We anticipate that there will be more of this approach coming to a high street near you. Instead of solely focusing on the generic large scale campaigns, retailers such as these are investing in advertising that remains local, personal and relevant to their surrounding communities.

In an ever changing retail environment, shoppers are expecting more from their high street favourites. They want retailers to speak their language and understands their wants and needs. ‘Piggybacking’ topical community events, as seen in Liverpool, provides the perfect platform to create dialogue with passing shoppers, influencing them to act.

Lauren Lomas

Account Executive