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With consumer confidence at a 30 year low and the newspaper headlines providing a constant stream of bad news, consumers are turning to brands for more.

We would argue brands need to take on the role (if not the duty) of providing positive moments, connecting with consumers’ purpose to create a happier tomorrow.

However big or small that is.

During the session, our Strategy Director, Steve Brunt will:

  • Give you a much deeper understanding of what happiness is, and how we can intentionally create it for customers.
  • Explore why customer happiness is such a powerful driver of growth, share examples of brands who’ve successfully embraced this approach, and show how the science of happiness applies practically to your everyday brand challenges.
  • Introduce you to how your organisation can harness this new insight.
  • Discuss ways to:
    • enrich your brand and customer-experiences right now
    • anticipate future customer demands, expectations and behaviours to grow ahead of the market

When: Thursday 19th January 2023

Time: 12pm

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