High levels of emotion can impact the rational process of making a decision.People underestimate the influences of innate and exciting drives on decision-making, believing their behaviour to be attributed to other, rational factors.In a hot state we are lured in due to an elevated sense of arousal and may ignore or downplay other factors that may have long-term effects.

The sweet smell of success

The Hard Rock Café Hotel in Orlando has a lot more to offer than just hotel facilities. Knowing that a lot of people visiting the hotel would be hungry, they wanted to remind people that they could enjoy their ice cream shop too! To direct people to this, the hotel pumped out artificial scents of sugar cookies and waffle cones. Acting as “aroma billboards” they drew people towards the ice cream shop in the basement. There was the sweet smell of success seeing sales increase by 45%.

Hard Rock Hotel’s Emack & Bolio’s Marketplace
Hard Rock Hotel’s Emack & Bolio’s Marketplace

What do you do when hunger strikes?

Snickers have built their communication around satisfying your appetite at the moment of hunger. The chocolate bar is meant for a short-term fix to the hanger (hungry anger) people experience. Their famous “you’re not you when you’re hungry” perfectly communicates this. On a broader level, the active language of “Grab a Snickers”and ”Get some nuts” associated with the brand are the perfect illustration of engaging people who value an immediate goal.


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By Phil Monks

Deputy Creative Director