The January sales are upon us and as we slip into an array of red-coloured, discount led marketing, home retail brands must compete to get a share of voice in the market space and drive consumers to purchase.

Pressured by Promotions

UK shoppers spent an estimated £14bn in ‘Boxing Day splurges’ alone. They are making resolutions to get fit, eat healthily and improve their homes… and to do so requires an invested journey to the appropriate stores. In particular, this is the biggest time of year for the home retailer brands.

Research conducted by B&Q concluded that 88% of shoppers plan post-Christmas shopping sprees, with a fifth planning to buy high value items for their households. With sale shoppers in the market to splurge – now is the time for home retail brands to engage with consumers. The home sector is famed for driving heavily discount led advertising, and nearly half the shoppers surveyed admitted to making faster decisions as a result of feeling pressured by price promotions for an already overwhelming home improvement project.

Build brand trust

Whilst the sales figures prove that the sale marketing strategy is effective, consumers are far more likely to express trust in retail brands with an emotive strategy as opposed to those that lead with heavily price-focused campaigns. Many shoppers have experienced feeling upset and remorseful of a purchase that they have discovered was not as discounted as they were led to believe.

Brand trust is built by a big brand idea that consistently presents good value for a quality product; and an understanding of what drives the consumer all year around – flourishing at seasonal intervals.

Three home retail brands whose 2014/15 campaigns achieved positive engagement:

  1. Sharps – Created with You
  2. Ikea – The Wonderful Everyday
  3. B&Q – Unleash the B&Q in You

Sharps’ integrated campaign ‘Created with You’ conveys the effortless transformation of Sharps’ offering and has achieved a 13% increase in appointments year-on-year since the ad first appeared on TV in September. The TV output was developed for the winter sale in support of Sharps’ biggest ever January sale. B&Q too, brought back their motivating ‘Unleash’ series for the winter period, giving the power back to the consumer and depicting the everyday heroes festively fired up for a spot of DIY. By offering the consumer partnership and expertise messages, B&Q and Sharps become a go to brand as a trusted facilitator of home improvement.

Ikea also had a strong home improvement campaign in 2014. ‘The Wonderful Everyday’ series reflected the ethos of consumer’s dreams as the audience rolled through Ikea beds, as well as reflecting their kitchen frustrations in an all-round celebration of the home. Campaign engagement saw 11.3% increase in year-on-year sales.

On Friday Ikea launched ‘The Joy of Storage’ on TV, with creatively placed print, digital and outdoor elements to follow. It will be interesting to see how the ad follows on from the 2014 campaign and to see how successful the January sales were. As we look ahead to Easter and DIY season – will any other home retail brands increase sentiment and adopt a more emotive strategy to drive brand trust and engagement?

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Jemma Connor, Jnr. Account Manager