As a nation we’ve become more sophisticated shoppers and as such our demands for a personalised shopper journey are becoming greater than ever.

Retail Safari

On a recent Retail Safari in Leeds we were tasked with finding an emerging retail trend, ideally, so new that we would be able to name it! It was an opportunity to shop a little explored city for me personally and identifying (and yes, naming) the #socialtailoring trend meant that we met the day’s brief! The idea behind the trend encapsulates the retailers who offer bespoke or personalised products or services and encourage shoppers to share their experiences, their products and advocates of the brand.

It was great to see so many new and exciting things happening in stores with tailored shopping experiences. There of my favourites are below.

  • Personal Styling – it’s been around for a little while but across some leading high street names such as Topshop and Topman the execution and in-store communication has reached a new level. Brands are also showcasing the service through their social channels to demonstrate their style credentials and fashionability like never before, generating more conversations and ultimately content.
  • Fitting Services – Marks and Spencer have recently launched a new bra fitting service. In and outside of fashion we’re seeing once specialist services once associated with ‘elite’ sports people such as Gait Analysis becoming more mainstream and commonplace across the high street with brands such as Adidas leading the way.
  • Personalised Products – Urban Outfitters have made moves towards custom products with the introduction of t-shirt printing in selected stores, meanwhile, not strictly a Leeds spot, Selfridges have long been championing the personalisation of the gifts such as Nutella jars and Mr Men and Little Miss books.
Creating a personalised shopper journey

Where do we go from here?

With the first Apple watch now a reality and news that ASOS will be the first of many brands launching bespoke apps will surely lead to a more personalised shopper journey. If the speculation that the ASOS app will make bespoke product recommendations with the ability to view and purchase across multiple platforms is anything to go by, both targeting shoppers and influencing them to act will pose a whole new set of challenges whilst opening up even more possibilities for retailers and brands.

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Shaun Watson

Account Manager